Fig Newtons

These cookies are among my favourites and I really wanted to try and make them at home. I stumbled upon this recipe on Food52 and it proved to be a really great one. Oh my, these cookies - especially when warm, straight out of the oven - are heaven. Obviously they're not as pretty as the ones at the store, but nothing beats fresh homemade cookies.And if you follow the instructions in the recipe, they'll stay soft for the next few days.

*You need to use dry figs - the first photo is one that I took in the summer but was still lying in the archive. 

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  1. Juuuj, tole pa res izgleda lepo! :O

  2. Wow, these cookies look incredible. I love figs! Gorgeous pictures too!

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

  3. these look delicious, heading over to food52 to see if i could manage with my minimal baking skills :)

  4. I love to eat dry figs, so I probably like this cookie!

  5. these are one of my favorite cookies! a homemade version has got to be delicious, i can practically taste it right now!

  6. I will definitely try this recipe, these cookies look so yummy!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog :)

    See you xx

  7. hmm...i'm not normally a fan of fig newtons, but the idea of making them is intriguing. i like figs on their own, so this has to be delicious!
    xo jac

  8. Those look amazing! And just hearing you talk about eating them while their warm makes my mouth water. I think I need to go and make some!

    Those pictures are stunning too by the way<3


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