That Happy Day!

My friend Jernej recently started a business with two of his friends - "That Happy Day". I wanted to share it with you because I love the design and concept - and knowing Tamara's Blend readers, I know how much you'll appreciate sharing a good design! It is incredible, how much thought and effort they've put in.

Basically they are wedding photographers - but so much more than that. They are true story tellers. They have created a concept that is filled with tradition and excellence.

They take the "Do It Yourself" concept quite seriously. Packaging for wedding album is made of cardboard and it includes the wedding album, photos, clips, cord, USB and business card. Each packaging is unique - it is handmade and adjusted to the color of wedding. The inspiration for package was garter, so they printed lace pattern around the box, which also serves as a cover, when the box is closed  - pretty  neat, right?! The lace pattern is also printed by hand. Their logo is also made by themselves - with the so-called technique of woodcut and it is printed on the box in the colour of the wedding printed logo.
What I am saying is this: if you ever get married, they're the trio that will make it really special and unique!

Head over to their website and see it for yourself! Visit it here: That Happy Day.

All the photos belong to That Happy Day. This is not a sponsored post - well, it's sponsored by friendship and appreciation for good ideas. ;-) 

And a fun anecdote - when I say the concept is filled with tradition, it really is! That Happy Day is in Slovene "Ta veseli dan," which is a comedy play by Anton Toma┼ż Linhart. It is an independent adaptation of Beaumarchais's comedy "The Marriage of Figaro" and together with "┼Żupanova Micka" represents the birth of Slovene drama.



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