Weekly Snippets | 5

Although I (successfully) "boycotted" joining Instagram for quite a while, I gave it a go some time back (I wrote about it on the blog) and got completely absorbed. My vision of Instagram is not only creating a visual diary, but also searching for art and inspiration everywhere, similarly as I try to do with my camera on this blog. And with things being pretty hectic lately, this is a quick way to document little inspiring things.

P. S. The lovely, colourful socks on the sixth photo were a gift of a a young and incredibly creative team called Zulu Zion. Their socks are designed to bring a combination of vivid colors and unexpected patterns - stepping away from the traditional stripes and polka dots, away from the classic navy blue and the 'always safe' black. Their patterns are really original so head to their website (click here) and follow them on their path to success!

They also launched a campaign on Kickstarter - make sure to support them and get yourself a pair of these cheerful socks!

P. S. #2: The winners of the print giveaway are the 13th and 4th comment - congrats Katarina and BlueEyedNightOwl! Stay tuned, there'll be more soon! 

As for the weekely snippets, the past week I... 

Listened to the new Black Keys song on repeat.

Was stunned by these illustrated quote designs.

Dreamt of visiting Oxford while reading this piece in the New York Times

Watched North & South all over again - definitely one of the best BBC's mini series.

Found out 5 useful ways to use lemons instead of beauty products. 



  1. Fotke so spet... oh so beautiful in nogavičke ful ful luštkane!
    Nikoli se ne naveličam plakatkov s quoti, pa čeprav sem jih že neštetokrat prebrala. Tvoji so enkratni! Preprosto čudoviti *

  2. Gorgeous snaps, I'm absolutely obsessed with Instagram!


  3. i feel you on the instagram! it can be so sleazy and people post EVERYTHING but I love using mine as a mood board and also as a little scrapbook. it is def more inspired by "inspiration" if that makes any sense at all :)

  4. Cute snippets! ♡ ♡ ♡
    Loads of love from Munich, Elisa

  5. Zelooo lepe slike! In ful lep blog, moram rečt! :)) Nova spremljevalka! :))



  6. The Zulu Zion socks are pretty amazing! Love your instagram pics and I'm now following you. ;)


  7. Fantastic and so inspiring blog!!!! :)


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